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Daily bad news is clearly beginning to weigh on Zelensky. His visage is starting to show distinct signs of strain. Almost nothing is going right these days & the endless bad news is taking its toll. It is all going horribly wrong for Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy. The plan cooked up by his western sponsors to support him and his regime through thick and thin is fast running into the sand. They promised him in March of 2022 everything he needed to achieve a momentous victory over Russia. Without doubt they explained how their massive sanctions program was going to whip the rug from under the Russian economy making Russia unable to sustain its military. With all their game-changing weapons and infinite financial support how could he lose? Did Zelensky know he was betting the house on these blandishments being as good as they looked? Probably not. But now he does and has started to look decidedly nervous. It would be surprising if he did not. There is not one part of the western scheme that is holding up currently. The inexhaustible supply of funds and weaponry has all but dried up. The supply of ammunition also. The West has drained its arsenals to dangerous levels trying to keep up with the wastage of them by the Ukrainians. It can’t produce enough new supplies. The British and the Europeans are in the same sinking boat. While the Ukrainian army is fast running out of military supplies Russia’s military industrial complex has moved into high gear, new improved weapons are now reaching the battlefield with more to come over the next few months. The Ukrainian army is a shadow of its former self, drained also of its best troops, lost in unnecessary campaigns instigated again and again by incompetent leadership. What is left of the army is demoralised and relying ever more desperately on raw recruits who are either too young or too old and should be at home rather than being slaughtered under the overwhelming superior barrage of Russian artillery.  In recent times Zelensky has been on a sacking spree, first his military commander who for a time appeared ready to stand against him for president if the occasion arose. However, Zelensky decided there would be no presidential elections. On the 31st of last month his mandate for calling elections ran out and his official presidential period runs out on the 21st of May. In the last few days he sacked one of his closest comrades from the good old days when he still had a semblance of a normal life. It all has the look of desperation about it. As if all this wasn’t bad enough Zekensky now has the aftermath and retribution of the Crocus City Hall atrocity to contend with. This, along with the extreme lack of air defence (most has been destroyed by Russia) and dearth of ammunition supply from the West, means that Zelensky has every reason to be nervous. The Russian military is taking more and more territory including strategically vital villages across the entire 1,200+ km line of contact. He can’t get the new mobilisation law through the Ukrainian parliament and even if he did he must surely worry that the Ukrainian people would rise up against him if he did. By the end of April it is almost certain that Ukrainian casualties will hit the half million mark. This grim milestone will obviously do Ukrainian army morale no good at all. With Russia due to bring new, even more deadly glide bombs and drones into use soon Zekensky is looking at a potential wipe out of his army as it starts to crack under Russia’s immense and increasing fire power. It can surely only be a matter of time before all resistance cracks, especially if the expected great Russian offensive begins. With Russia gaining 30,000 volunteers per month to bolster its troops and several hundred thousand moving through and completing their training all indicators look very bad for the entire western Ukraine project. To add to his woes he and his minions are seen as terrorists by a growing number worldwide. The shelling of the civilian population of the Russian city of Belgorod just across the northern Ukrainian border plus the links to Ukraine of the Crocus City Hall atrocity Zelensky and his regime are fast running out of friendly faces who they might hope to receive support, weaponry and finances from.  Are there any sources of potential optimism for this benighted soul who fatally trusted the word of the Americans? Well, there is one spark of light amid all this darkness surrounding him. The mini Napoleon Macron, hoping to assert himself as a modern French emperor and world beater, fresh from humiliation in Mali and elsewhere in Africa is waving his little sword around threatening to take on Russia with a few screaming military midgets in the Baltics. By the look of Zelensky in recent days he is not setting much store by this long shot. The rest of NATO is doing their level best to dissuade the wannabe De Gaulle to stand down and stop being so silly. So, not much hope there really. It appears Zensky will eventually stand alone, shivering in the dark… much like those four terrorists Russia caught after the latest disaster for Volodymyr and his hapless crew of incompetents and villains. There he will stand, or more likely sit, head in hands, disgraced, friendless and consumed by an overwhelming and unrelievable anxiety on contemplating what his fate may now be.

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