Everyone can see two faces in this illusion – but you need a high IQ to find the secret third one in under 15 seconds

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YOU have the eyes of a legendary artist if you can spot the hidden third face tucked away in the amazing painter’s room. This fascinating optical illusion is one of the most challenging yet as only those with a high IQ even stand a chance of spotting it within 15 seconds. PlaybuzzCan you find the secret third face in under 15 seconds[/caption] The third face is perfectly camouflaged in the busy setting with even the most seasoned puzzlers being left stumped trying to figure out where they could possibly be hiding. Spotting hidden people can be one of the most tough tasks in optical illusions as they never quite look as you expect. But luckily these puzzles are super fun to try out with friends. The sneaky third face clearly belongs to someone who has become expertly skilled at masking themselves from being seen as they always use using their surroundings wisely. This clever illusion was shared online by optical illusion legends Jagran Josh. Maybe the other person has managed to paint themselves a perfect shade to blend in to the walls. Or are they simply hiding right under your nose? How can optical illusions and brainteasers help me? ENGAGING in activities like solving optical illusions and brainteasers can have many cognitive benefits as it can stimulate various brain regions. Some benefits include: Cognitive stimulation: Engaging in these activities challenges the brain, promoting mental agility and flexibility. Problem-solving skills: Regular practice enhances analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Memory improvement: These challenges often require memory recall and can contribute to better memory function. Creativity: They encourage thinking outside the box, fostering creativity and innovative thought processes. Focus and attention: Working on optical illusions and brainteasers requires concentration, contributing to improved focus. Stress relief: The enjoyable nature of these puzzles can act as a form of relaxation and stress relief. At first, there is no chance there is a third face in the image but the harder you look the quicker it jumps out of you. But beware this is a tricky one… The face is hidden deep within the photo and has been painted perfectly meaning you’re bound to run out of time and never have the satisfaction of finding them all to yourself. In this particular piece, people with a high visual IQ should be able to spot it within seconds and leave themselves enough time to enjoy the rest of the image. If you still can’t find the face here’s a big clue. Unlike the rest of the majestic artwork you’re actually only looking for a very basic face consisting of two dots for eyes and a simple mouth. Still no luck? If not, don’t worry the solution is included below. As you scroll, why not try other optical illusions? In this mind-bending image, everyone can count the ducks but if you can find the hidden needle among the reeds in less than seven seconds you may have 20/20 vision. Another tricky brainteaser features a gnarled tree but only those with high IQ can spot a sleepy cat hiding on it. Lastly, puzzle fanatics have been left scratching their heads trying to find the lost feather in 12 seconds. The answer to our puzzle can be found below, as well as some more challenging tasks to try. PlaybuzzThere is the final face circled in red[/caption] Can you spot the deer in the forest in just 8 seconds Lords and Labradors challenged puzzlers to spot the puppy among the Easter bunnies Can you find the four hidden Easter eggs in this image in under 17 seconds? There is the deer circled in blue The puppy can be found on the left of the image hiding behind a bush If you spotted all four Easter eggs in under 17 seconds, you could have 20/20 vision

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